Motul 109100 AUTO COOL EXPERT ULTRA (208 Liter)

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MOTUL AUTO COOL EXPERT ULTRA is a coolant concentrate based on monoethylene glycol, made using hybrid technology using the Hybrid Tech additive package. Before use, it must be diluted with distilled water. Recommended for all cooling systems: passenger cars, severe operating conditions, construction and agricultural equipment, garden equipment, water equipment, stationary engines.

The MOTUL AUTO COOL EXPERT ULTRA protects the engine from freezing and prevents corrosion of metal components. Provides excellent heat transfer and effectively cools the engine. Silicates and organic acids provide anti-corrosion properties that last during the operation of the liquid. Not aggressive to construction materials: metals, plastics, rubber products.

Do not use pure product. Before use, mix with distilled water, depending on operating conditions. Distilled water should be used for dilution. Replacement is carried out according to the manufacturer's recommendation. Do not use for frost protection in drinking water supplies. Attention! Check and/or change the fluid when the engine is cool. Follow the instructions for use and handling.


Color Visual
Blue-green, dark
Density at 20°C (68°F) ASTM D4052 1.125 g/см3
Boiling Point
ASTM D1120
174°C / 345°F
Reserve Alkalinity ASTM D1121 16.0 mg KOH/g
Sulfated ash ASTM D1119 1.3% weight