Motul 109320 HD COOL INTER ULTRA (20 Liter)

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HD COOL INTER ULTRA is an anti-corrosion coolant concentrate that builds a protective layer on the inside surfaces of the cooling system particularly those already being affected by corrosion (engine blocks, cylinder heads, liners, water pumps and radiators). The organic acids will seal the surfaces affected and prevent further corrosion taking place. HD COOL INTER ULTRA uses hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) for improved corrosion protection. Also available as a 50:50 mix called HD COOL INTER.


Standards  AS Standards - AS 2108
ASTM STANDARD - D3306 / D6210
China Standards - GB 29743
Cuna Standards - NC 956-16
ÖNORM Standards - V5123
SAE - J1034
SANS Standards - 1251
Approvals MTU - MTL 5048
Specifications DEUTZ-FAHR -
FORD - WSS-M97B51-A1
JCB - STD00088

Contains a bitterness agent to prevent from drinking: coolants and concentrates have a sweet taste but are harmful.

- Provides excellent wet sleeve liner cavitation protection in Heavy Duty applications.
- Phosphate-free formula to avoid scale formation on hot engine surfaces.
- Provides an excellent thermal exchange improving engine cooling efficiency.
- Increases water pump lifetime.
- Compatible with seals, hoses, pipes and parts made of plastic.

- Must be used diluted in water. For better results, use demineralized water.
- To maintain anti-corrosion properties, do not dilute below 33%. Refer to chart for dilution rates.
- To be used for top-up or complete renewal of the cooling circuit for improved efficiency.
- Drain intervals: refer to the manufacturers' recommendations.
- Attention, control or drain the coolant only when the engine is cold.
- Can be mixed with ethylene glycol-based coolants.
- Avoid mixing with other products for maximum performance output.
- This product should not be used to protect drinking water systems from freezing.


Color Visual Yellow
Density at 20°C (68°F)  ASTM D5931 1.132 g/mL
pH ASTM D1287 6.6
Freezing Point ASTM D1177 -38.0°C / -36.0°F
Freezing Protection
-37.0°C / -35.0°F
Boiling Point NFR 15602-4 175°C / 347°F