Motul 109614 VALVE & INJECTOR CLEAN (300mL)

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Dedicated intake valve and injector cleaner especially developed to eliminate deposits and varnishes on intake valves and injector nozzles. Removes contaminations in the entire petrol injection system caused by operating conditions and ensures effective cleaning of the valves, injector nozzles and the intake manifold without disassembling.

MOTUL Valve and Injection Clean improves the engine performance and provides a powerful and stable combustion. Reduces the fuel consumption and optimizes the exhaust gas emissions. Considerably extends the engine life span and ensures smooth engine running.

For Gasoline engines only. Add one can (300 ml) every 6 months to the fuel tank before refuelling. Sufficient for 60 L of gasoline. For larger tank capacities add 1% of the overall filling content. Attention: Cleaning fluid – not a fuel substitute.