Motul 109778 8100 X-CESS GEN2 5W40 (60 Liter)

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High performance 100% Synthetic lubricant specifically designed for powerful and recent cars fitted with large displacement engines, Gasoline and Diesel, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, indirect or direct injection. Multipurpose product featuring numerous car maker approvals, especially recommended for vehicles still under warranty. Suitable for all type of fuels: leaded or unleaded Gasoline, Ethanol, LPG, Diesel and biofuels. Compatible for catalytic converters.


MB-APPROVAL 229.5 / 226.5
RENAULT RN0710 / RN0700
VW 502 00 – 505 00

Introducing Motul’s 8100 X-CESS Gen2 5W-40, a 100% synthetic engine lubrication marvel meticulously crafted to elevate your driving experience. This high-performance motor oil is purpose-built for powerful and contemporary cars fitted with large displacement engines. Whether you’re behind the wheel of a gasoline or diesel vehicle, whether it’s naturally aspirated or turbocharged, and whether it boasts indirect or direct fuel injection, 8100 X-CESS Gen2 5W-40 caters to all. Its adaptability shines through with compatibility across various fuel types, including leaded or unleaded gasoline, ethanol, LPG, diesel, and biofuels.

This multipurpose oil stands as a versatile solution, featuring compatibility with aftertreatment systems like catalytic converters (CAT) and diesel particulate filters (DPF). It proudly bears numerous car maker approvals, making it especially suitable for vehicles still under warranty. Its standout features include outstanding detergent/dispersant power and enhanced viscosity increase resistance—attributes that counter the soot produced by Direct Injection Diesel engines.

Committed to exceeding standards, 8100 X-CESS Gen2 5W-40 adheres to ACEA A3/B4 and API SERVICE SP requirements. This engine oil boasts a comprehensive list of OEM approvals and performances from renowned brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Renault, General Motors, Fiat, and the Volkswagen Group. It’s compatible with BMW’s Valvetronic system and covers all BMW engines from 2001 to 2004, along with previous BMW specifications like BMW LL-98. Additionally, it fulfills all the specifications of the BMW Long Life-01 standard, encompassing vehicles of various years.

8100 X-CESS Gen2 5W-40’s exceptional oil film resistance, extreme high shear resistance, and ability to withstand severe thermal constraints underscore its performance excellence. High thermal stability ensures resistance against the formation of black sludge and viscosity increase caused by combustion residues. With a high HTHS (High Temperature High Shear) and very low volatility, 8100 X-CESS Gen2 5W-40 is designed to significantly decrease oil consumption, leading to extended drain intervals and cost savings. Notable for its best-in-class detergent/dispersant power, this oil doesn’t compromise on any aspect of performance. Furthermore, it delivers a remarkable 1.7% improvement in fuel economy compared to a 15W-40 reference, showcasing its dedication to efficiency and environmental responsibility.

In line with manufacturer recommendations, the drain interval should be tailored to your vehicle’s usage patterns. It’s important to note that MOTUL 8100 X-CESS Gen2 5W-40 can be mixed with both synthetic and mineral oils, providing flexibility without compromising quality.
Motul’s unparalleled legacy of 170 years in the motorsports industry is a testament to their unyielding dedication. Their commitment extends beyond engine oils, encompassing brake fluids, coolants, care products, and additives. A pioneer in the industry, Motul’s consistent pursuit of excellence and innovation has redefined industry standards, making them a trusted partner for driving enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Drain interval: according to manufacturers’ recommendations and tune to your own use. Before use always refer to the owner manual of the vehicle.


Viscosity grade       SAE J 300 5W-40
Density at 20°C (68°F)  ASTM D1298 0.849
Viscosity at 40°C (104°F)  ASTM D445 85.2 mm²/s
Viscosity at 100°C (212°F) ASTM D445 13.5 mm²/s
HTHS viscosity at 150°C (302°F) ASTM D4741 3.8 mPa.s
Viscosity index ASTM D2270 169.0
Pour point ASTM D97 -42.0°C / -44.0°F
Flash point ASTM D92  228°C / 442°F
Sulfated ash ASTM D874 % weight 1.07
TBN ASTM D2896 12.5 mg KOH/g