Motul 100949 RBF 600 Factory Line Brake Fluid (.5 Liter)

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100% Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid – DOT 4 with a very high boiling point: 312 °C / 594 °F For hydraulic actuated brake and clutch systems.


For all types of hydraulically actuated brake and clutch systems requiring non-silicone synthetic fluid. Specially designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of actuated racing brakes (steel or carbon) and clutch systems.

Also suitable for conventional brakes with steel discs and for conventional hydraulic clutch actuators.

Exceeds DOT 3 and DOT 5.1 standards, except for the viscosity at -40°C / -40°F

Features and Benefits

ISO 4925 (5.1, 4 & 3)
SAE J1703

Extreme thermal resistance and stability:

MOTUL RBF 600 FACTORY LINE very high dry boiling point (312°C / 594°F) exceeds the requirements of the standards DOT 5.1 non silicone base (260°C mini / 500°F mini) and DOT 4 (230°C mini / 446°F mini), and therefore enables effective braking even in extreme conditions.

Efficient when rainy:

MOTUL RBF 600 FACTORY LINE very high wet boiling point (205°C / 401°F) is superior than the requirements of the standards DOT 5.1 non-silicone base (180°C mini / 356°F mini) and DOT 4 (155°C mini / 311°F mini), and therefore enables to keep efficient braking in wet conditions.

Indeed, DOT 3, DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 brake fluids have the property of absorbing moisture from the air, which reduces their boiling points and increases the risk of “vapor lock” phenomena.

The wet boiling point is measured after moistening the product with 3% water in order to be representative of the state of the fluid after 1 year of use.


Drain interval: always according to manufacturers’ recommendations and to be tuned to your own use.

  • Avoid mixing with lower performance polyglycol-based brake fluids.
  • Do not mix with silicone (DOT 5 silicone base) or mineral base fluids (LHM).
  • Store brake fluid in its original container, tightly closed to prevent moisture absorption.
  • Aggressive chemical product if in contact with hands, paint or varnish.
  • In case of skin contact, rinse thoroughly with water.


Color Visual Amber
Viscosity at 100°C (212°F) 2.5 mm²/s
Viscosity at -40°C (-40°F) 1,750.0 mm²/s
Dry boiling point 312.0 °C / 594.0 °F
 Wet boiling point 205.0 °C / 401.0 °F