Motul 108093 MC Care E10 Shine & Go Spray (12.8 oz)

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Silicone based spray to polish the whole motorcycle. Fairing, plastics, dashboard, mudguards, crash bar, paintwork, varnish, carbon parts,... Particularly recommended to obtain an as new finish on tarnish colors.

Polishes and revives the colors in plastic, carbon elements, paintwork and varnish on the whole motorcycle. Dries evenly and leaves a protective dry sheen. Protects paintwork and varnish from dust, insects, and mud... Repels water and dirt.

Before use, if the motorcycle is very dirty, wash with MOTUL MOTO WASH. Shake MOTUL SHINE & GO before use. Spray from a distance of 25 cm. Leave to dry for a few moments. Polish with a soft cloth to obtain a perfect finish. CAUTION: Do not project the product on handgrips and on the seat.