Griot's Garage 10960 Fabric Protectant 22oz

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This versatile protectant safeguards numerous automotive materials, including cloth convertible tops, carpet, and upholstery.
  • Strong hydrophobic qualities mimic a beaver pelt in water repellency
  • Maintains appearance, resists color fading like an anti-aging makeover
  • Guards against stains like an offensive line shields its QB from rushers

Get next level stain protection and water repellency with Griot's Garage's highly effective Fabric Protectant. Its micro-bonding fluoropolymer formula is safe for all fabrics and protects convertible tops, and carpet from natural and manmade elements. Fabric Protectant battles oil- and water-based stains, guards against fading by UV rays, maintains color, beads water, and is extremely durable, providing years of protection. It resists re-soiling and our non-silicone formula will not attract dust or dirt. Fabric Protectant also works great on clothing, shoes, outdoor furniture, awnings, as well as numerous RV and marine applications.