Heel Tread 2 For 1 Socks - Large US 8-12

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The year was 1999. The new-team-on-the-block BAR left everyone scratching their heads at the sight of 2 different cars, while simultaneously setting a new record for fastest to get in trouble with the FIA. The result was what became known as the "zipper livery", a first-of-its-kind hybrid - and, as far as we know, last.


80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane.
Made in Portugal using the most advanced craftsmanship to produce the finest seamless socks.

Wash inside out (40ºC/100ºF max). Do not tumble dry, iron.

Sock Size Guide

EU 41-46
UK 7½-11½
US Mens 8-12
US Womens 10-12½