Drive Coffee Monaco - Whole Bean - Light Roast (12 oz)

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Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Raspberry and Tangerine

Roast: Light

Origin: Kenya

Processing Method: Washed

Recommended Brew Method: Chemex / Pour-Over


This Edition is inspired by the legendary streets of Monaco. History has been made throughout the years here as some of the greatest names in racing have sought glory in the notoriously tight and winding streets. A spectacle like none other, race weekends in Monaco bring the international jet set, framed against a backdrop of dramatic cliffs, a harbor full of yachts, and traffic jams of tenders and helicopters. For this coffee, we’ve selected an exquisite Kenyan Single Origin lightly roasted to accentuate the natural traits of the coffee. Kenyan coffees are defined by their acidity, and this coffee is no different. With notes of raspberry, tangerine, and brown sugar, this coffee is meant to be enjoyed pure, without the addition of cream and sugar.