Motul 109542 HYDRAULIC LIFTER CARE (300mL)

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Thanks to its special additive package, MOTUL HYDRAULIC LIFTER CARE improves the high pressure properties and wear protection of the engine oil and eliminates the noise of the hydraulic tappets ensuring their smooth operation. effective and silent.

MOTUL HYDRAULIC LIFTER CARE, when added to engine oil, allows to:
- improve high pressure properties as well as wear and tear protection of engine oils
- eliminate by lubrication the hydraulic valve lifters rattle noises
- ensure an effective, quiet running and optimal function of the hydraulic lifters.
- reduce engine timing system wear
- decrease engine timing system noise
- increase engine timing system lifetime

Add MOTUL HYDRAULIC LIFTER CARE to the warm engine oil when required. Works during operation. A dose of 300 ml is sufficient to treat 5 L of engine oil. For larger sump capacities add 60 ml of product per litre of engine oil. Compatible with mineral and synthetic engine oils. Attention: Check engine oil level before application! Do not exceed the recommended proportion.