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MOTUL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN is a pre-drain automatic transmission cleaner designed to be used in all types of automatic transmissions, conventional with torque converters (AT), with dual clutch transmission (DCT) or with continuously variable transmission (CVT) in preparation for an oil change. MOTUL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN effectively cleans deposits, sludge and varnish which appear on the automatic transmission components. The removed micro-particles are then evacuated during the process of oil drain leaving the transmission thoroughly clean. MOTUL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN provides a perfect lubrication during cleaning process.

MOTUL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN when added to the automatic transmission fluid before drain allows to:
- clean effectively and rapidly all types automatic transmission (AT, DCT, CVT) prior to oil change in order to take full advantage of all the qualities of the new oil following the drain
- dissolve deposits, sludge, varnish and residues built up in the transmissions and thus reduce wear for improved operation and increased durability of the transmission
- evacuate deposits, varnish and other residues from sensitive areas and components such as sensors, actuators, etc..., and hydraulic valves to ensure optimum operation of the automatic gearbox during shifting and to lower the fuel consumption

MOTUL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN is highly effective and harmless on seals, joints, O-rings and mechanical components in order to increase the life duration of the transmission system.

MOTUL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN is an automatic gearbox cleaner additive particularly adapted for use through an automated flushing machine part of the integral gearbox drain solution system MOTUL EVO, based on a fully automated machine for cleaning and draining of automatic transmissions. MOTUL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN can also be used in all similar devices for cleaning of automatic transmissions as available on the market. In any case, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct use of these machines. Add to the automatic gearbox before changing the transmission fluid. Run the engine approx. 15 minutes with frequent load changes (use all gear positions) according to manufacturer‘s instructions. Change transmission fluid and filter according to manufacturer‘s instructions. A dose of 300 ml is sufficient for 8 L automatic gearbox capacity. For larger capacities add 40 ml per liter of gear oil. Do not exceed the recommended proportion. If necessary, proceed to 2 successive treatments.